Basic Config Notes : Dialup and e-mail settings

The ZeroNet dialup numbers are charged at UK Lo-Call rates when connected. via a UK landline based phone service. These charges are for UK landline dialup access ONLY. Calls to these numbers from mobile phones or mobile modem cards will be charged by your mobile service provider at their normal mobile phone call rate. Calls from outside the UK area will incur international call charges:

For those of you who are happy to set up the details unaided the ZeroNet Primary Dial-Up number is: 

08453 600012

For the dialup connection username - use the format - "", or for more recent customers the format will be - ""  and then your current ZeroNet password

ZeroNet has introduced an additional dial-up number as a fallback service should any problems arise with the main number.  Customers are advised to set up an alternative dialup account based on the secondary fallback number using the same logon details as their main number. It is beneficial  to test this regularly and some customers, depending on their actual BT exchange, may find they get better performance  with the secondary fall back number.  It just depends on the routing path used by BT to make their connection to the ZeroNet modem banks, as these are now geographically separated to provide a more resilient service.

The ZeroNet Fallback dialup number is: 

08450 030480


The mail servers are:



The mail service settings are:

For the e-mail username please use your FULL e-mail address as your E-mail Account Name in the form of: and use your existing ZeroNet password.


If you are still having problems please ring ZeroNet Support on 08450 030501 from 0900 to 2000 hours.