ZeroNet Support

If you experience any problems with connecting to the Internet please check that you are able to make and receive calls via your landline telephone to confirm that the line is working correctly.  If you are unable to make and receive calls please report the fault to your telephone service provider.

If the voice line is working correctly please dial the ZeroNet number to ensure you can hear the modem tones from the ZeroNet modem banks. Please test your modem to check that it is working correctly and try using a different modem.  Lastly you need to ensure that none of your configurations have changed in your dialup networking settings.  The correct configuration information is available by clicking on the Dialup Tab in the left hand menu.  If that does not resolve the problem please contact us on the below details.

For any assistance with logging on to the service or  e-mail problems we will require sufficient information to be able to identify you as the user of the service  before we are able to make any changes like resetting the password etc

Telephone: 08450 030501